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blog 05 Oct

Bevguard Water Filter

BevGuard® uses a sediment wrapped carbon block filter. Compared to competitive pleated filters or standard blocks, there is a greater filtration capacity with the following results:• Longer filter life• Greater sediment and chlorine reduction• More carbon surface ar...
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blog 02 May

How to Launder Household Goods

Although some home textiles don’t have care labels, manufacturers are required to list the fiber content, which can provide useful clues. Many of these things are slow to dry, but the process will go faster if “you shake out the items so they’re not in a wet wad before you place th...
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blog 29 Mar

Top tips for cleaning kitchen utensils

You use your kitchen utensils multiple times daily, so it's in your best interest to learn to keep them clean and maintain them for years to come. Kitchen utensils Using the right kitchen tools makes food preparation and cooking easier, faster and even more enjoyable. When you purchase anything ...
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